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Editor’s Rating: Another generic med site doing things it’s own way. has a similar user interface to suggesting it to be a sister site, and offers similar prices and reliability. Early feedback indicates good customer service and speedy deliveries. Read user reviews of or write your own here. 9 Customer Reviews of […] Reviews are a hit and miss type of generic med provider, but from what we hear, when they hit, you won’t shop anywhere else. Read customer reviews or write your own review of here. 12 Customer Reviews of “ Reviews” Review by Simon W, December 10, 2009 I couldn’t agree more. I’ve had hits […] Reviews

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TrustOnlineRX Reviews

Editor’s Rating: Trust Online RX are a relative newcomer to the online pharmacy field.  We haven’t heard anything bad about Trust Online RX as yet so read the reviews and make your own mind up.  If you do choose Trust Online RX for your online pharmacy supplies be sure to come back and tell us […] Reviews

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Editor’s Rating: After a short time offline while they upgraded their hardware and finance processing are back in business.  From the reviews we receive about them and the tie they have been in business we are happy to recommend as an online pharmacy you can be confident about ordering from.  Welcome back […] Reviews

Editor’s Rating: has risen from lowlier positions to become one of the most trusted and respected online pharmacy out there. From the number of positive reviews we’ve received we have been forced to move from a position of neutrality about to one of positivity. It seems they can do no wrong at present. […]